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Primary schools in esher

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magicalmollie Mon 13-Apr-09 12:39:30

This is the first time I have posted on here so I'm not sure where to post but here goes.
I have just sold my house in london and am thinking of maybe moving to Esher . Can anyone tell me if this is a nice place to live?
I have looked up the only primary school in Esher (seems strange to only have one for such a big village) and it says it excellent but very oversubscribed. Does anyone know anything about the schools here, will I not be able to get my daughter into the school then. Also I can't seem to find any open spaces or playgrounds when I drive around, does anyone know if there are any.
I wanted to live right near the high street, but also wanted to be able to walk with my daughter to playgrounds.
Any advice would be great.
love Mollie

wools Tue 14-Apr-09 16:01:01

Hi Magicalmollie - you may be better posting this under the Property/DIY section as I think you'll get a better response. I'm pretty sure there are a few mumsnetters from Esher who'll be able to advise.

isseymax68 Sat 08-Dec-12 10:43:56

Hi we are moving from South Wales to Esher, please can anyone advise us on areas and schools, Thanks.

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