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Sareba Sat 07-Mar-09 17:41:30

Hi, we would like to move out of London and have found a nice house in Esher... the only problem is school. My eldest DD is due to start school in September this year, and I get the feeling that it will be impossible to find a place for her and younger DD (nursery). I have contacted Danes Hill, and they could offer a place for the youngest but nothing for eldest DD. Any ideas of schools which may have places available for Reception this year.

frenchteacher2 Sat 07-Mar-09 18:02:12

Thought I saw some a thread on 'Education' re. this just now. Hopefully that will shed some light or someone will be along soon

frenchteacher2 Sat 07-Mar-09 18:09:16

Have bumped up various on Education having done a search for you. Or you could try looking under Guildford schools though these would be very oversubsribed. Tormead, Guidlford High and probably full but you never know. Downsend in Ashtead/Leatherhead might have room too and fees not as high as Daneshill.

eshermummy Sat 07-Mar-09 20:13:15

It was me that started the similar threads over in Education.

If you are looking at private schools for girls I would try Rowan in Claygate, Notre Dame in Cobham and Claremont Fan Court in Esher (co-ed). There is also Weston Green School (co-ed pre-prep only) in Thames Ditton and Surbiton High in Surbiton/Kingston borders.
I don't know if any of these schools still has places for reception this September but even if they say they are full now I would ask again in a few weeks time as I think lots of people were holding insurance places in private schools while they awaited allocation of state places which happened last week.

Sareba Sat 07-Mar-09 20:39:09

Thanks very much for your response... I will try and get onto waiting lists. I like the look of Rowan and Weston Green, but I think we are way too late to have choice. We'll be happy to find places.

Babbity Sat 07-Mar-09 20:44:50

I know St George's College Junior in Weybridge have no places for Reception (as a friend of mine's DS is on the waiting list - luckily he has a place at an ok state school while he's waiting for a place to come up).

happywomble Sun 08-Mar-09 09:29:25

You could maybe try Manor House in Bookham..not sure how far the drive is from Esher though.

wortleberry Sat 21-Mar-09 08:14:21

Rowan is a fantastic school! Try there, they should have places for Reception.

karika Thu 18-Jun-09 12:47:42

Very late adding a message here, but Sareba re. private nursery schools in Weybridge/Esher area - we tried Danesfield first and were shooked at lack of care.
Best Private Nursery in the area is in Hersham - Lilliputs Children's Centre.

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