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Help....I need the email addresses for all Uk Local Authorites but for the Language Advisor? How on earth do I go about getting these?!!!

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dietqueen Fri 20-Feb-09 12:33:32

any ideas where I could look?

bigTillyMint Fri 20-Feb-09 12:36:27

Oooh why do you need their email addresses?

Maybe you could try each Local Authority and then the education section and then Literacy. Or do you mean foreign language teaching. Or English as an additional language?

dietqueen Fri 20-Feb-09 13:11:34

mfl - research questionniare there are over 200 so cant call each one but its looking like Im going to have to!!!

duckyfuzz Fri 20-Feb-09 13:18:36

you could try going through NACELL or the SSAT language colleges site

terramum Fri 20-Feb-09 19:22:09

DCSF? Here is a list on their website of all the LA's & their basic contact details:

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