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Should I go to reading challenge this afternoon?

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sameagain Wed 11-Feb-09 10:59:43

DS1 (yr3) has a reading event at school this afternoon. Not sure exactly what's involved, but I have to go to school and read with him.

I feel awful, I know I'm being a wimp, as its only a cough/cold, but I don't remember ever feeling this ill with a cold.

DS1 is expecting me to be there and I fully intend to drag myself there, but I will be really anti-social coughing and spluttering over everyone.

Don't know how I can not go though, he's expecting me, all the other mums will be there.....

bigTillyMint Wed 11-Feb-09 11:55:34

I would go.

Even though you are feeling cr*p, he will be upset if you don't turn up.

Have you taken any medicine?

TooFoggy Wed 11-Feb-09 13:20:57

IF theres a chance you could infect the class then you shouldnt go.

melissa75 Wed 11-Feb-09 15:12:45

I think it is important to go...I have seen the effect of children who expect their parent to turn up for a special event and the total devastation when they are told that the parent is not coming. Especially when all their friends parents have come in. Hope your feeling better and were able to make it.

sameagain Wed 11-Feb-09 19:24:29

Well I went, dosed myself up, took cough sweets so I wasn't too noisy and sat in the corner as far away from others as possible. I was one of only 5 parents that turned up in the class, but DS was very pleased, especially as those who's mums were there got to leave 5 mins early!

bigTillyMint Thu 12-Feb-09 09:04:17

Well done - you have earned your brownie points! I know my son loves it when I go in!

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