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"Educational" Nintendo DS games

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Decena Mon 26-Jan-09 19:21:22

Are there any learning games for a DS lite for a 6yo for maths etc? Just simple sums, I prefer the DS as she needs to write the answers rather than the computer where she just types in.
She is not very keen on doing sums but thinks it is much more fun on the DS, she has done some of the Brain Training but can't do the mutiplication yet.
Any suggestions?

Hulababy Mon 26-Jan-09 19:28:05

Yes - there is a Maths game; Professor Kageyama Maths Training My 6y uses this.

SoupDragon Mon 26-Jan-09 19:31:35

DSs have got that one too. they also have one called "spellbound" which is like a spelling bee (despite the american "presenter" it seems to be the english version) and another maths one which escapes me right now. something to do with "fun with numbers".

LunarSea Mon 26-Jan-09 20:37:26

There's also one called "Maths Play". ds1 had this but never used it much as we didn't get it early enough and he was beyond it as soon as we bought it really, so it might be for sale if you're interested. Cheapest Ebay price lately seems to have been about £8.50 inc postage - would probably do it for a bit less than that if you're interested.

snice Mon 26-Jan-09 22:26:30

Dd has "Imagine Teacher" which has some educational value [pompous emotion]

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