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Anyone done a pamper evening before to raise funds? If so any tips?

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Ilovecurry Fri 23-Jan-09 13:09:49

just wondered what worked what didnt?

willali Fri 23-Jan-09 13:36:26

Yes I have done this. We took over a hair salon for the evening (owner a friend of someone on PTA!) and also invited make up artist and manicurist. Sold tickets at £10 a go to include wine and nibbles, and those that wanted to could get either a blow dry or a make up or a manicure. One lucky lady also got a full works makeover. We also did a raffle - prizes were a cut and blow dry, a make up lesson, some salon goodies, some skin care goodies etc. It was a really lovely girly evening - didn't raise an enormaus amount though as numbers were limited due to size of salon!


Ilovecurry Fri 23-Jan-09 21:11:49

were doing it in a school hall and inviting traders to take a table/stall

singyswife Fri 23-Jan-09 21:15:50

Someone I know had a 'ladies night'. They had managed to get local treatment places (massages, aromatherapy, reflexology etc) to donate their time, I think they were friends of friends etc, they also had Anne Summers, some spititulists, manacurists etc. They were all giving 15 minute treatments for £5 a go.

Tickets were sold for £5 per person and covered one drink and a buffet. All treatments etc were optional at a cost of £5 for 15 mins (have already said that). They raised £500 + pounds and it was a really good night. No kids, BYOB, No Men. It was really good.

Clary Fri 23-Jan-09 21:46:48

We did one before Christmas.

Cleared out 2 classrooms for pamper ladies (massages, reflex, nails etc) which were very popular (£5 for 15mins) tho didn't bring that much cash (10% but onyl a limited number available, obv).

Had stalls - took 10% but in hindsight a £10 or maybe £12 fee upfront better.

Jewellery at good prices, posh handmade chocs, crafty bits and teddy bear clothes did well.

Tickets were £3 inc nibbles and wine, treatments could be pre-booked which was popular, traders gave a raffle prize which did well.

We made about £500 which is not bad but will do better next time I hope. Sold about 80 tickets I think.

When are you doing it ilovecurry? I think we did better as a lot of people were looking for Christmas pressies (in Nov) which was the idea. I certainly bought lots with that in mind.

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