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Queens College Prep

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sobeda Thu 15-Jan-09 13:54:18

Can anyone share any views about Queens College Prep in London? DD (8) is asking to move from a boy/girls school to an all girls school, and I'd quite like to move her as well for other reasons. I am of course coming up against enormously long waitlists most places I look in north and north west London (we live in Maida Vale). Many thanks for any views.

PuzzleRocks Thu 15-Jan-09 17:11:49

Bumping for you.

halfwaythroughjan Thu 15-Jan-09 19:38:24

I don't know anything about Queens College but I would certainly keep pressing the other schools as there are always children who move on and as a private school they are not bound by waiting lists as state schools are and it's often that if you are on their radar you'll get the first place when one comes up. Good luck. Where else have you tried?

sobeda Fri 16-Jan-09 15:15:36

I've spoken with South Hampstead Girls as well. What are some other girls schools in the Paddington/Marylebone/Maida Vale/Hampstead area? There seem to be alot of girls/boys schools but not so many girls schools, which we are specifically looking for. Thanks for any advice.

halfwaythroughjan Fri 16-Jan-09 19:42:25

TBH I am not fantastic on single sex schools in the area as there are so many mixed ones and south hampstead was the first one which sprang to mind. If you can go a bit further north then Channing is in Highgate, to get there you would probably go from Maida Vale to Belsize Park, Hampstead and round the back of the spaniards to get to Highgate and that might be a hassle. There's also City of London Girls which may be managable and they run a good coach service or you could look at going out a bit and at Habs or North London which both also run coaches. Good luck, I am completely stumped as to any other realistic suggestions. Is Northbridge House mixed right the way through or does it go girls only at 7?

dilemma456 Fri 16-Jan-09 22:20:18

Message withdrawn

100lilgreen Wed 19-Oct-11 23:04:14

Sarum Hall, the Village, St Christophers, St Margarets ..?

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