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Options for school hols childcare (part-time) for a 4yo

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mynewnickname Sun 04-Jan-09 22:34:16

What are they - a lot of the holiday schemes start at 5 round here.
I need to work a minimum of maybe 12 hours a week to keep my job ticking over in the holidays. WHat could I do?

I don't want to sign up for some full-time scheme as I want to catch up with him in the hols but I could do with two or three mornings a week.

What do others do? Are there playschemes you can sign up to part-time?

Iwanttobeamillionaire Sun 04-Jan-09 22:41:06

Most playschemes that I know are daily but you do get discount if you pay for a whole week.

My dc used to have a great playscheme (recently moved area now) where they did swimming, football, arts and crafts, they had so much fun and always came home tired and happy! You could also pay for half a day or full day.

If your child is in full time education you can use these holiday schemes as even though it may state 5, if you ring and say that they are at full time school you normally get a place.

Check your local leisure centres and see what they have going.

ChasingSquirrels Sun 04-Jan-09 22:42:54

other options
- childminder
- swap with a friend, you have their child & they have yours, everyone wins!

Fennel Sun 04-Jan-09 22:43:27

Round here they are eligible for most of the holiday clubs if they are "rising 5" i.e. already at school or about to start.

My 4yo goes to a childminder in the holidays sometimes when her sisters go to holiday club. Our local childminder does flexible occasional care, I don't know how common this is.

My dd1 used to go back to her old nursery at 4 years old, in the holidays. Do you have old childcare you can go back to in this way?

LoneStranger Sun 04-Jan-09 22:48:25

My DD went to a playsheme during the October half term; she is not yet 5. I did find others that accept children in full-time educcation, so they may not be as rare as you might suppose. Like millionaire, they did have a daily rate and a discount for the whole week. There was also the option to add more days later at short notice if they had spaces available. I preferred this option to informal arrangements as they were more reliable and offered a wider range of activities. HTH

mynewnickname Mon 05-Jan-09 09:33:38

That's encouraging that there are flexible playscheme options.

He could in theory go to his day nursery in the holidays but I'd be a bit reluctant as the rooms are very small and if the children are all younger I think he'd get bored...and it's really expensive!

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