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Stratford upon Avon Primary Schools

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CarlaR Sun 23-Nov-08 21:55:31

Are there any Stratford upon Avon mums out there? We are hoping to move to the area in the next 18 months and I've started to look into primary schools but not being from the area it's hard to find out which schools are generally known to be the best. We are thinking of finding somewhere to live fairly close to the centre of Stratford so particularly interested in hearing any views on Thomas Jolyffe, Bridgetown, The Willows etc. Also any primaries in villages on the outskirts.

We will obviously try to arrange to visit the schools at some point but any information would be really helpful.

Doobydoo Sun 23-Nov-08 21:57:34

I think Ettington is supposed to be very good.Think it is Catholic[but not sure]

crescent Sun 23-Nov-08 22:19:52

sorry not a Stratford on Avon mum but am a SoA area Grandma Think Ettington has very good reports but is very small and it's C of E btw. Have to say have never heard very good reports on T Jolyffe but heard nothing bad on the other two you mention. The only problem in the last year or so has been a lot of pressure for the places available and know there were some children who still did not have places right up to the last minute this year. This is quite useful website ? 95&pschoolty=0 and of course the Ofsted page.
Good luck with your move

llareggub Sun 23-Nov-08 22:21:32

I don't know anything about the primary schools but the grammar schools are excellent!

Doobydoo Sun 23-Nov-08 22:24:30

Thanks for clarifying that crescent.It is a lovely place to live.We were there for a year.I have heard the same about T Jolffe.My friend took her dd and ds out of the Stratford Prep and they go to Ettington.I expect it is quite difficult to get into,but you have 18 months.Good

CarlaR Mon 24-Nov-08 21:30:21

Thanks. I hadn't heard of Ettington so that's one to consider but I guess it will all come down to where we end up finding a house, especially if there's a lot of pressure for places at certain schools.

If anyone has any info on the other state primaries such as Bridegtown it would be gratefully received. How about The Croft (not that we are likely to be able to afford it!)?

crescent Mon 24-Nov-08 21:53:06

Hi Carla, me again - my daughter visited The Croft last year and absolutely loved it but decided it was too much money for them unfortunately. She much preferred it to Stratford Prep, loads of space and great facilities.

Doobydoo Tue 25-Nov-08 12:07:16

We looked at the Ceoft,but decided on the Stratford Prep.Ds1 loved it there,but they are very short on outside space.Lovely school then though,that was about 3 years ago.

Doobydoo Tue 25-Nov-08 12:07:39


stratfordsara Tue 15-Nov-16 21:04:22

I just want to post here, because the post is still live and people searching deserve to hear the other side of the story vs the Croft. Our son had a great time there, from 4 -11. Our daughter was there from the age of 3. She was fine until yr3, where she was subject to the most awful bullying for an entire year. The school's response was beyond inept. Everything they did resulted in making matters worse for my dd and another girl in her class. The male female ratio in the current yr 4 is 3 boys to every girl, which means that there are 5 girls to 15 boys in each class, so if your daughter is struggling to get on in her class, she has no where else to find friends. After a year of bullying and many, many meetings with the school, the Head actually told me that in his opinion, the behaviours my daughter and another girl had experienced were not bullying because the perpetrators had not intended to be unkind. Let me tell you, they were deliberately unkind. We moved our daughter to Warwick Prep - we even gave up a scholarship to do so, and she couldn't be happier now. My daughter is not the only child to experience this at the croft. If you speak to other parents about bullying, you will find plenty of other parents whose children have also been let down by the school in relation to bullying. They do not address bullying, they expect children to get on with it and get over it. The true impact of what my daughter experienced at the hands of the pupils and teachers at the croft has only now become clear, having had half a term at another school.. She is now a happy, confident little girl and making lots of friends. The callous behaviour she experienced at the croft was shocking. She has complex medical needs which are exacerbated by stress. The school failed to act and failed to acknowledge this. They failed to deal with the other girls whose behaviour was abhorrent. If my words aren't enough, another girl who was affected by the same situation left two weeks into the September term this year. When you hear the rumours about the school's inability to handle bullying, don't ignore them, they are true.

Notenoughsleepmumof3 Wed 16-Nov-16 14:08:52

We had to move to Stratford for work for 4 months a few years ago and took our children with us. They all attended Stratford Prep while we were there. It was a lovely welcoming school. I was very impressed with the kindness of the staff and the children. It's hard moving to a school temporarily, mid-year, but what a wonderful experience it was for all of my children and for the children already attending the school. We are still in touch with some.

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