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suecleve Sun 26-Oct-08 19:59:35

Dear all

If any of you are reading this in Bristol or North Somerset please can I ask for your support to save my daughter's Infant School from being swallowed up by the Junior School next door.

I also have 2 girls at the Juniors but am part of a parents campaign to stop North Somerset Council from merging the 2 schools.

The main reason I am against it is that both schools are doing well and dont NEED to be merged, plus any short term savings in staff salaries will be spent on building work to link the 2 buildings with new admin and staff space - no new teaching space.

Most parents and all the Infant govenors are against it but we are up against the tide of officialdom who need to give themselves something to do.


You could help us by signing an online petition at

You dont have to have a link to the school but would be helpful if you were Bristol/Somerset area.

Thanks in advance.


Reallytired Tue 28-Oct-08 18:25:22

The same thing happened with my son's school. Both the infant and juniors had good OFSTED reports. What prompted it was the retirement of the infant school head teacher.

My son's infant school has been merged with the juniors and the affect has been positive. It is good having the same discipline, reading policy, hand writing policy and SEN/ gifted and talented the same.

Before the merger my son had zero after school club activites on offer. There is now a thriving breakfast and after school club, he learns French, he does cookery, the ICT facilites are better as the school can afford a full time network manager and part time technician, teachers have better career opportunites and there is more money for development.

I was worried about pastoral care, but the school employs a deputy as well as full time head teacher.

It is a big change, but I don't think it is doom and gloom.

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