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Sherington Primary SE7, Invicta Primary SE3, Millenium SE10 - anyone know anything?

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cookiemonstress Sat 25-Oct-08 14:39:45

Don't have any first hand feedback about any of those schools and will be choosing between these three. Anyone know anything?


Madsometimes Sat 25-Oct-08 18:46:36

I know children who attend all three of these schools and they are all very nice children.

Invicta is a single form entry school, and its parents like its small size. The previous head retired last year, and the parents seem pleased with the smooth transistion with the new head. Sherington is a two form entry school. Its intake is slightly more deprived than Invicta's and it is lower in league tables raw data, but higher in value added. Millenium is a new build school. It does well academically, and is good for special needs especially autistic spectrum. It has a wide catchment area because Millenium Village is still being constructed, (mainly of 2 bed flats, which appeal more to working couples than families). Some parents had parking problems in past, not sure if these are resolved now. Relatively few children are "local," unlike the other schools where most children live within an easy walking distance.

cookiemonstress Sun 26-Oct-08 09:11:16

THanks so much for feedback. These were the same conclusions I was coming to so good to know my instincts were right..Now to make the decision!. We are slap bang between invicta and sherington but I've also heard good things about millenium and the likelihood we'd get offered a place.. Am going to visit all three and see what i come away with.

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