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Anyone have any experience of/views on Thomas's school in Clapham

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2HotCrossBunnies Wed 22-Oct-08 11:30:07

I have done a quick search but couldn't find any threads on this school. I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts? DS1 has his assessment for entry into reception Sept 09 next Monday and I'm finding myself in a dilemma about what to do if he gets in! He's currently in the nursery at Parkgate and will have a place in reception there. Parkgate is lovely but we will probably need to move him at 7/8 into the prep system as it only goes to 11. Thomas's takes kids to 13. Anyway I was just looking for any thoughts on Thomas's - obviously we need to have a good look round and weigh up the pros and cons but it's always useful to have some more things to throw into the melting pot!

TheBlonde Wed 22-Oct-08 11:33:49

I have met people with kids there
They are happy
Downsides big and competitive
Fab facilities though. I loved the potters wheels

2HotCrossBunnies Wed 22-Oct-08 12:14:33

Thanks for that - it's the big and competitive side that's making me unsure. I don't want DS1 to get "lost" in a large school. But then it does have lots of opportunities...

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