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writing club. on computer?

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PeaMcLean Tue 21-Oct-08 21:37:36

how does that work? i thought ds doing it to improve handwriting.

today he told me he's in the club cos he's one of the slow coaches. hmm

and that girls are better at it than boys.

he's 7.

please come and talk to me about it as i won't get to speak to teacher until after half term.

apols also for typing - am one-handed due to burnt finger currently in cup of water!!!

PeaMcLean Tue 21-Oct-08 22:16:06

are these not odd things to tell a 7 yr old?

makes me feel sad for him.

and how on earth does the computer help???

MrsWeasley Tue 21-Oct-08 22:20:06

I think you need to find out what he does in this club. There are several good computer programs that help some chidlren with various aspects of their learning.

sunnydelight Wed 22-Oct-08 01:09:06

It may be that he has good ideas but slow/poor writing doesn't let him get things down properly - letting him use a medium he finds easier would boost his confidence. Or, as MrsW says he's doing a specific programme to help an area he's strugling with. Either way you do need to ask!

It sounds like his self esteem is starting to slide and I would really urge you to try and deal with that - point out all the things he is good at etc. My (now 15 yo) DS1 wasn't assessed as dyslexic until Y6 and it had a huge impact on his self confidence as he struggled with things his peers fround easy. Even now, although he is doing well at school, his starting position when he can't do something is "I'm thick" which is heartbreaking.

Skramble Wed 22-Oct-08 01:48:53

perhaps it is writing as in imaginative writing not handwriting, might be to take away the pressure of the handwrting bit, I would take his translation of things with a pinch of salt.

My DS is 11 and messages and info from school get totally lost in translation, I wish they would just send home notes.

PeaMcLean Wed 22-Oct-08 21:52:33

Thanks all. I do need to talk to the teacher I know, but I really won't be able to until after half term.

I think it's about more creative writing from what I'm hearing now from DS. I do point out to him that he's very clever at maths and science.

TBH it was the "girls are better at writing than boys" bit which surprised me. We all know it's true but what a thing to say to a 7 yr old!!!

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