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making friends in reception

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misshardbroom Sat 18-Oct-08 17:20:22

What do you think about this?

My dd is in reception, she was 5 in early September so is one of the oldest in her year.

She seems to be really enjoying school, and I've been very happy with everything they've been doing so far. She trots off happily every morning and comes out smiling, so all good.

However, it seems that every day the only children she plays with at playtime / lunchtime are either a group of little boys in reception, or a group of Yr2 girls (none of whom she knew before she started school). I've no issue with this per se, the children concerned are a nice bunch, and she doesn't seem remotely bothered about it, it's not as though she's coming home and saying that the little girls in her class won't play with her.

But... I can't help wishing she would make some little girl friends in her own class, especially as two things will inevitably happen (IME):
1. they get to the stage where boys and girls self-segregate and wouldn't dream of playing together, and then what will she do?
2. the Yr2 girls will either decide they don't want to hang around with a 5 year old, or anyway, once they're in Yr3 or above they don't have the same playtimes as the infants.

I know I'm probably jumping the gun here and worrying about things far too soon (esp as they've only been in school for half a term), but I just really wonder why she isn't more involved with the other little girls in her class... they're starting to get into inviting each other home for tea and she's not going to be part of it unless she plays with them too.

Mandelbrot Sat 18-Oct-08 17:30:17

You are jumping the gun and worrying about things too soon. Children change friendships more often than their socks at this age. Nowt wrong with being pals with the boys. She'll make friends with the girls in her class when she's ready. Maybe all the girls in her class are boring wink

castlesintheair Sat 18-Oct-08 17:31:46

I'd find out from the teacher who she gets on within the classroom and ask them round to play. The teacher should be encouraging new friendships so mention it to her at a parent's evening or after school. Personally, I wouldn't worry: it's common for this to happen and other friendships will evolve as they get older. Fwiw, DS (Yr 2) is still close friends with several girls in his class.

Heated Sat 18-Oct-08 17:44:54

Having been at a very friendly nursery where they just all got on, ds(4) has been confused and a bit hurt by boys who have said "I don't want to be your friend" or lack the verbal skills and hit out. He's been allowed into the larger playground now and has very happily been playing with he "bigger children" but as he's my pfb I share your worries, although rationally I assume they will all settle down together.

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