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DS1 has had some sort of test today...anyone know what it is?

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ingles2 Wed 15-Oct-08 22:26:44

He's very nearly 9, year 4.
He said it was timed, 25 minutes, multiple choice, with pictures and patterns. He has to do a harder one tomorrow. So what is it? Any ideas?

RustyBear Wed 15-Oct-08 22:37:16

Sounds like a non-verbal reasoning test.
I work at a junior school & all the Y3 plus any new pupils do one at this time of year.
It can be a way to discover pupils who are under-performing, if they score highly in these tests but didn't achieve the expected level in their KS1 SATs - it can be an indication of the kind of support they need to achieve what they are capable of.

ingles2 Wed 15-Oct-08 22:49:55

oh.....well he is new to the school but his yr 3 SATs were all 3a's and 4c's so I think he's doing ok. Do you think they might be looking for something Rusty or just run of the mill.?

cazzybabs Wed 15-Oct-08 22:57:42

Could it be a CAT test - where they are looking at potential.

RustyBear Wed 15-Oct-08 22:57:55

It's given to everyone at our school, so quite possibly just routine. Is he the only one doing it? Or the school may do it for all children in Year 4, or even every year. Our school also gives new children a routine dyslexia test, it doesn't mean they suspect anything is wrong.

ingles2 Thu 16-Oct-08 12:08:26

Thanks Rusty and Cazzy...
I think everyone did it yesterday but only some are doing the test today. I found a non-verbal reasoning test on t'internet and asked him if it was like it. It was, so must be that. He answered the questions correctly in a matter of seconds, I'm ashamed to say, I didn't even have a clue where to start!!!!!! blush I don't think I ever did anything like that at school.

popsycal Thu 16-Oct-08 12:10:11

sounds like
oh man
what is it called
PIPs thats it

ingles2 Thu 16-Oct-08 17:43:37

PIPs Popsycal? grin
Whats that?

popsycal Fri 17-Oct-08 09:52:08

non verbal reasoning test used in primary schools

cba Fri 17-Oct-08 10:00:11

our school have done tests this week for year 3. I only knew because i saw the test paper on the teachers desk. These papers were WRAT, they did reading, maths and non-verbal reasoning. ds1 has problems staying focused but is bright, so depends on the day how well he has done. I do worry about him

janinlondon Fri 17-Oct-08 10:06:26

Our year 4 did CATS last week....

drivinmecrazy Fri 17-Oct-08 10:12:03

DD1 (year3) is doing a 'single level test' in December, any one know what these are? Not all her year are doing it, so not sure what it is, never heard of it.

popsycal Fri 17-Oct-08 10:24:10

hey are replacing sats - can explain ore later if you lije

nolongeraworriedmummy Fri 17-Oct-08 10:49:13

its pips and they usually do it as well as sats in the classes were sats apply and not instead of sadly.

popsycal Fri 17-Oct-08 13:14:56

my 'replacinf sats' waqs about single level tests not pips......

nolongeraworriedmummy Fri 17-Oct-08 16:43:31

oh sorry I know popsycal my post wasnt in reply to yours It was just wishful thinking that dd would get to do pips and not sats next year lol!

ingles2 Mon 20-Oct-08 21:20:14

well I found out tonight at parents eve... 2 tests, 1 on non verbal reasoning, 1 verbal reasoning. He did extremely well so I'm very proud grin

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