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All boys prep for a quieter boy?

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chipmunkswhereareyou Tue 14-Oct-08 18:14:30

Would ds fare ok at an all boys prep (it's the best school all-round in the area) given he isn't terribly boisterous and doesn't like noisier boys really.

I figure that given there will be 20 boys in the class at least some of them will be quieter and the type he seems to prefer (although this of course might change!)

MollieO Tue 14-Oct-08 20:11:38

In my ds's class there is a real mix of noisy and quiet ones. The same as co-ed would be but without the girls!

chipmunkswhereareyou Tue 14-Oct-08 21:18:55

Thanks Mollie. Sounds encouraging. He does seem to like hanging out with girls and boys but I guess as they get older this might lessen anyway.

Does it seem strange being all boys?

MollieO Tue 14-Oct-08 21:49:22

My ds's best friend at nursery was a girl. They stay in touch but he seems very happy with other boys. A lot of the parents at the school have chosen single sex schools rather than the co-ed option simply because the two best private schools in the area are single sex.

I chose my ds's school because it seemed like a very happy nuturing environment with an inspiring head. I also liked the fact that the boys I met when I looked round were polite but a bit cheeky too.

chipmunkswhereareyou Tue 14-Oct-08 22:34:07

Sounds quite similar....I like the boys school we are looking at in spite of it being a boys school iyswim. It's a lovely school.

I just have a slight concern that ds likes hanging out with girls and that it's a bit odd to not have any around! But the boys school is the best one all round so it's hard to know what to compromise on.

MollieO Tue 14-Oct-08 22:50:17

I figured that he can have playdates with his 'girlfriends' at the weekend but what was more important was the quality of education he would receive (plus the excellent wraparound care provision).

My ds's school is boys only but there is a girls school in the same ownership so they have whats called 'co-ordinated' education. It means the boys and girls are educated separately and at separate sites but get together for different activities and field trips.

He will see the girls mostly in after school care and holiday club. He tried the holiday club this summer and never spoke about any of the girls that were there, only other boys.

twentypence Wed 15-Oct-08 20:59:10

Ds is at an all boys school and I would say that around half of them are quiet and thoughtful and the other half are noisy and sporty (generally, not exclusively)

At his old school all the boys were of the noisy and sporty type and the girls were half and half. So for him personally he is better off - but that year group could just be a coincidence.

Ds loves playing with girls, but the ones he went for are the studious and clever ones, so my reasoning was that a more academic school there would be more of that sort of boy for him to play with.

His first two days have been reasonably bad socially, yesterday he asked to go back to his old school. But as this was after a full 30 minute run down of the maths lesson he had in his streamed group and his PE lesson with an ex representative hockey player and how brilliant both those teachers were I am trying to keep calm about the no friends claim.

chipmunkswhereareyou Wed 15-Oct-08 21:17:50

Did you move him at 7+ Twenty?

The mixed school we're considering as well as the boys one only goes up to 7 for boys so that's the alternative, if so how did it go?

twentypence Thu 16-Oct-08 09:28:26

We are in NZ - you stay at a school from 5-12/13. We moved him when his place came up which was about 6 months after he started school.

babyboo78 Thu 23-Oct-08 17:31:03

Message withdrawn

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