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State/Church primaries in NW3/NW6?

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beforesunrise Sun 05-Oct-08 09:51:46

i am starting to think about school for dd1, who is currently 2 1/2. she is down for all the local private schools but i am getting less and less happy with the idea and the practice of her going to private school... not just the costs (which in these credit crunched times ARE a consideration!), but also the social implications of it are starting to really grate on me (ok so maybe i should stop reading the guardian...). plus while i think she is a bright kid, i don't necessarily want to hothouse her- i want a happy, caring school, with a real mix of backgrounds and abilities, and the possibility for her to make local friends. i don't care if she doesnt learn mandarin or violin, tbh.

trouble is i don't know anyone around here who sends their kids to state school! we live at the edge of NW6/NW3.

i was wondering if anyone here has any direct experience of local state schools? church schools could be within our reach as we are catholic.

many thanks in advance!

bigfatbump Sun 05-Oct-08 22:55:25

Malorees Infants is lovely (I used to teach in the Juniors years ago). Haven't been there for a while though but it was always a good school. Lots of fun in the curriculum and arts/music.

dannyb Mon 06-Oct-08 08:36:27

I think that the church school on the corner of Mill Lane NW6 is meant to be good. A friend of mine has been confirmed with a view to sending her daughter there as well as having her down for the local private schools. Knowing the area I understand your concerns about the private schools as there is serious hothousing going on round there. I have another friend with her 3 year old "sitting" this year and the stories she tells me are incredulous. From what I understand, Northbridge house is non selective and meant to be lovely. In addition would you consider Montessori? A friend teaches at the Rainbow school and it sounds great. Likewise what about King Alfreds, I rather like their philosophy.

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