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Which school dop we apply for? The school in the village where we currently live, or the primary school in the town we plan to move to?? the town and village are 6 miles apart..

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papaya Thu 02-Oct-08 10:52:28

And would we be successful getting her into a school even though we dont live there yet? Sept 09 will be the year she starts xx

AMumInScotland Thu 02-Oct-08 11:57:51

Are you planning to move before she starts school, or after she starts? Have you visited the schools, and did you like them? How much of a problem would it be for her to be at school 6 miles from home?

If you're moving before she starts, then you should pick the school which will work best for you after you move. But if that school is oversubscribed then you may not get a place, as it will be based on your address when you make the application and they won't take account of the fact that you plan to move.

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