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Can anyone help me find a white peter pan collar uniform shirt that is cotton??

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hopelesshousewife Wed 01-Oct-08 14:01:20

I'd be sooo grateful. DD is 4 and has to wear white long sleeve peter pan collar shirts for school. At the uniform shop the one style they do is predominently polyester which aggravates her excema to the extent she is now itching all night. sad
I've searched google and asked the shop if they can order them but to no avail.


CoffeeCrazedMama Thu 02-Oct-08 10:26:10 sell 100% cotton uniform - they used to be sold through Children's Warehouse. I just checked and they have a few different styles of Peter Pan blouse. Good luck. It's a mystery to me why school uniform is usually all nylon - really unfair when they hit puberty!

crumpet Thu 02-Oct-08 10:27:46

Mothercare had some v pretty ones a year or two ago - long sleeved.

hopelesshousewife Fri 03-Oct-08 18:49:42

Thanks guys, I've tried both and they do do pater pan collars, but both have nylon in - I seem to be fighting a losing battle - poor DD's arms are red and sore already! Think I'll have to send her in pointy collar and negotiate with the head. smile

barking Fri 03-Oct-08 18:58:08

Do they have to be white? The reason I ask is that tulip and nettle have one in a pale blue in cotton. Its called a yodelling shirt!

hopelesshousewife Mon 06-Oct-08 14:33:03

Oh that's gorgeous!! Has to be white though sad

tissy Mon 06-Oct-08 14:42:55

you could try phoning Boden.

In previous years they have had Peter Pan shirts in cotton Jersey.

Haven't seen any this year but they might have some old stock lying around.

Anna8888 Mon 06-Oct-08 14:45:36

The French company Jacadi always does these - with short sleeves in summer and long sleeves in winter.

julesrose Mon 06-Oct-08 14:50:21

I got some a while back form Boden - they were on sale. Very lovely.

norksinmywaistband Mon 06-Oct-08 14:54:14

how about this

hopelesshousewife Mon 06-Oct-08 21:24:11

Oh Anna8888 I love the clothes from Jacadi - never seen them before, though will have to brush up on my french - the white blouses would be perfect, but think they are out of stock - epuise?
I've looked at the lands end ones - thanks norks - and emailed them about delivery , I'll try Boden too, thanks so much girls, DD will be very grateful smile

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