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Long shot... Bishop Down - Tunbridge Wells.... any experience

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pupuce Tue 30-Sep-08 13:21:22

I have done a search and found nothing.... I wondered if any of you had any experience or knowledge of Bishop Down Primary in TW.
Of course I have been on their website, seen their OFSTED report and checked their SATs... but I am looking after direct experience.

Many thanks

pupuce Tue 30-Sep-08 14:17:39


jamjarparmar Thu 09-Oct-08 14:09:21

hi my mum has been a headteacher in kent and knows the school, she was really impressed with it and now we're finally moving down from London , i hope to be able to get a place for my 4 year old. So if you trust the words of a complete stranger, apparently its good! they are due to get a new headteacher, its going to be the previous head of St James Primary in Tun Wells, apparently he is good too......

BOBTHEBUILDER Thu 09-Oct-08 14:15:14

I had a friend whose son went there for a few years and she was very happy with it.

Seems to be one of the more popular schools in Tunbridge Wells along with St James and Claremont and St Johns.

I think you have to live pretty close by to get a place though.

SouthernMeerkat Fri 10-Oct-08 13:13:27

It is excellent, but has a very, very small intake so you have to live practically on top of it to get in.

We moved to T Wells a year ago to be close to the good schools - but didn't get into St John's because I didn't tick the right box (!) saying that we wanted the school for religious our DS is at St Augustine's, which is also good, particularly in Early Years where they've just got an outstanding OFSTED.

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