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Picking up THRASS?

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verywiseowl Tue 30-Sep-08 11:25:05

DS's school use THRASS to teach reading/writing/etc. I've just found out that the Reception children who went to the school nursery last year (75% did, so that still leaves a sizable 25% who didn't) have actually been taught this since January this year (so for 2 terms already).

The school is expecting their new Reception children to just pick up from where the nursery children got to and get on as best they can.

When I queried this (with the head) she said that children changing schools should expect some disruption and readjustment, that THRASS repeats a lot so what Reception are doing now is mainly repeats of what they did in nursery and that children who didn't go to nursery will get extra help.

IMO starting Reception is not "changing schools" and I think it is reasonable to assume that children don't get formal teaching prior to Reception (and none of the school literature suggests otherwise). This is also not 1 or 2 children but 25% of Reception!

Can anyone with experience of THRASS tell me if it IS reasonable to expect children to pick it up relatively quickly, or is my DS likely to be struggling to catch up all through Reception (we will be giving extra support at home)?

DorisIsAPinkDragon Tue 30-Sep-08 14:37:22

Don't have any knowledge of THRASS but am shock at the thought that reception would be considered "changing schools"

I would work out what you expect the school to provide (catch up classes/ extra homework?/) then re appraoch the head then if no joy the governors and ofsted.

IMO if your child is strggling to keep up with others 2 terms shead he is more likely to be turned off by the concept of reading and writing, which is what you really don't want to happen at this point.

It may also be worth speaking to other parents in the same situation they may not be aware, omay support your suggestions

Good luck but it sounds like they're chasing legue table places!

maverick Tue 30-Sep-08 15:44:36

An additional problem is that Thrass uses mixed methods to teach children to read - the research evidence is overwhelming that beginning readers learn best if they are taught using synthetic phonics, first, fast and exclusively- and, post the 2006 Rose Report, all schools should be doing this.

Thrass programme developer, Alan Davies, says that 'Parents need to understand and use four 'searchlights' for reading with their children: a 'Word Recognition Searchlight', a 'Phonics Searchlight', a 'Context Searchlight' and a 'Grammar Searchlight', as set out in the National Literacy Strategy that the UK Government abandoned in 2005. The Government's new synthetic phonics programme, 'Letters and Sounds', focuses on the 'Phonics Searchlight', an approach which is inadequate for both parents and young children’ (THRASS press release Jan 08)

Lizipads Wed 01-Oct-08 15:55:57

It's pretty easy to pick up. Ours use it (not exclusively). I ordered a couple of laminated charts (they are double-sided) and put them on the fridge for them to practice.

That said, if I never here "bird rabbit cat kitten duck school queen" again it'll be too soon

SueM76 Tue 28-Oct-08 12:08:06

There is a brilliant 5 mins video of young children being introduced to Thrass on

It syas...

Western Primary School in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England, first introduced THRASS as a programme to help their children with special education needs (SEN). The successes have been so remarkable that the programme has been extended to the whole school - including the very youngest children, starting from the new school year in September 2008.

In answer to your question, YES, the children pick it up really quickly. See also

SueM76 Tue 28-Oct-08 17:17:42

There is also a free three-part email course on the THRASS TIPS website for mums (and dads).

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