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2008 KS2 SATs results

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Chelsie Mon 29-Sep-08 22:32:51

Can anyone tell me when/where the 2008 SATs results are published. Am considering schools for DD, starting reception in Sept 2009. Test results are only one thing we're looking at (honestly!), but the main reason I'd like to see last year's results is that, at the school on which we are most keen, there was a large discrepancy between english and maths results in 2007. I'd like to see if this was just a 'blip' that evened out last year, or if there is an issue with their maths teaching.

RustyBear Mon 29-Sep-08 22:35:48

You may not get anything reliable from this years SATs results - there was an almighty cock-up with the marking & I doubt if you can have any confidence at all in the results. Personally I don't think the gov should publish league tables at all this year, but if they do they may well be later than usual.

SqueakyPop Tue 30-Sep-08 07:14:50

One thing to keep in mind that if a primary school is small, ie one-form entry, then their SATs results will be heavily skewed by the actual cohort. It's just too small a sample for any meaningful statistics or trends.

Where my DD was last year, they have much improved SATs results, but not without a cost. They spent virtually the whole year practicing for them. As a result, her education was not as full as it should have been, and it shows now that she is in Y7 in an independent school (she got top grades in all her SATs, btw).

Creole Tue 30-Sep-08 09:24:08

Best to look at trends, rather than a snapshot (single year).
Is the school consistently achieving above average at level 4+ and level 5+ in the last 4 years?
Also, look at the truancy rate.

Check this here:

Sorry, too lazy to do links!

roisin Tue 30-Sep-08 16:24:17

2008 SATs results aren't usually published until about February. But if you contact the school(s) individually and directly they will provide you with the data, or it may be in their prospectus or on their website (especially if they were good results!)

Creole Tue 30-Sep-08 17:00:53

They are published in January.

KS2 however, in December

Chelsie Fri 03-Oct-08 21:35:21

Thanks for all the input! As a primary teacher myself I should know better than to put too much faith in SATs results! Amazing how good sense goes out of the window when own DD is concerned blush

It is a one-form entry school, so I know the data has limitations. However, the discrepancy between English and Maths does seem to be a bit of a trend (although both well above national average). 2008 results definitely not on school website, so will need to ask when I visit next week.

Posey Fri 03-Oct-08 21:38:16

I think I heard on the radio that the results will be late this year, probably not published until March.

herbietea Fri 03-Oct-08 21:40:24

Message withdrawn

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