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Having problems with child's absent teacher -year3

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KTRmummyof3 Mon 29-Sep-08 16:48:30

Son has now entered year 3 and has teacher again for second time. Had him in year one.
Teacher is off sick alot and this term alone is now on his second week off. As well as a couple of odd days. Tried to speak to the head, but seems to be shrugging shoulders about it. Most parents feel angry about never seeming to have our childs teacher in but we're not sure what to do and more importantly where we stand. It's happened to him with other years he's had but we have the short straw of having him a second time!

misi Mon 29-Sep-08 16:56:55

the school is failing to provide a decent education for your children and continuity of that education. band together with other parents who are not happy and write a letter to the head explaining your worries and asking for a solution. its not the teachers fault, if they are ill constantly but the head teacher should be doing something about it by now. ask for a meeting of all the parents in the class or whatever you feel neccessary and if the head fails to reply to your satisfaction, go to the Local Education Authority

Littlefish Sat 04-Oct-08 21:01:25

Is the school providing a supply teacher to teach the class?

The teacher may have an illness which requires regular treatment. The headteacher would certainly be aware of this, but has no requirement to tell parents (in fact, it's none of the parents'business).

As long as your children have a teacher provided on a daily basis, I think that all you can do is express your concern to the headteacher and ask how continutity and progression is being ensured for the class in terms of their academic and emotional development.

newgirl Tue 07-Oct-08 10:39:32

it is so annoying isnt it? we have this with my dd teacher - she is training to be a deputy head and works part time so in four weeks my dd has had 4 different teachers. She doesnt know the name of one of them. She has teaching assistants too so it is a lot of names to learn.

Not sure what can be done but you have my sympathy

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