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phoneme cards-is there such a thing?

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brimfull Sat 27-Sep-08 10:54:47

I know I could make them myself but wondered if you can buy phoneme flash cards

Littlefish Sat 27-Sep-08 11:17:11

Go to Sparkle box - there's masses of things like phoneme fans, flashcards, cvc words etc.

Littlefish Sat 27-Sep-08 11:17:39

Oh, sorry - that would still mean that you need to print them off and laminate them.

mumto2andnomore Sat 27-Sep-08 11:33:57

Early learning do lots of jolly phonics things, they might do them.

gingernutlover Sat 27-Sep-08 11:38:17

yes jolly phonics flashcards at ELC, they do loads of that kind of stuff.

If you get specifically JP ones they will include all 44 phonemes, not just the alphabet that normal ELC ones will be.

or try []

brimfull Sat 27-Sep-08 14:22:37

will go to elc

littlefish-that would be great but I have no printer thanks though

TheCheeseAlarm Sat 27-Sep-08 15:00:02

First two items here

brimfull Sat 27-Sep-08 16:06:55


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