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CAF form - help please!!!

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lulu41 Fri 26-Sep-08 08:14:36

I am in the process like many of you out there of having to submit my common application form by October. I have put my schools in order of preference and would like to write some clever for want of a better word in the additional information to support my application. I am not great with words and would love some help from anyone who has done this in the past or who is just good with words. I know that is personal to my son but any suggestions would be great. For all of the schools I am applying to he does not fall into any specific admission criteria ie. he has no statement he has not siblings already at the schools or we do not live on their doorstep so feel that I shoudl really write something that would go to helping my application but as I say not great with words and would appreciate some help - did post on secondary education but had no responses at all - please help - many thanks smile

lilolilmanchester Fri 26-Sep-08 23:28:38

Lulu, not sure where you live but we went to meeting re admissions recently and we were given to understand you couldn't do anything much to sway the application beyond ticking the admission criteria boxes. But that would be specific to our area. If you feel you can say roughly where you live, locals with relevant experience could help you? Good luck by the way, it's a very worrying time isn't it?

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