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Should I change their school if we move?

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MrsSnape Thu 25-Sep-08 16:29:33

I might be moving house soon and I'm wondering whether or not to change the kids schools if we do or whether that would not be fair on them.

DS1 is in year 5, by time we move he'll be getting on for year 6...would it be unfair to move him in his last year? (he wants to move).

DS2 is currently in year 3 so he still has another 3 years left at school, 4 including the rest of this one...I think it would be fairer to move him to the local school?

To throw a spanner in the works...the local schools to where we're moving are really, really of them is supposed to be the best primary school in the city. But they both enjoy the school they're at.

It would be a bus ride getting them to their old school everyday, new school is 5 minutes away.

LIZS Thu 25-Sep-08 16:32:13

Move them . Isn't it your ds1 who finds school difficult anyway, a change may be good.

ellingwoman Thu 25-Sep-08 16:33:57

If they're really good - would you easily get a place for both of them?

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