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When to change schools

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debs40 Thu 25-Sep-08 16:17:46

My husband and I have made the decision to change schools for our son who is in Year 1.

We have told both Heads and agreed a date after half term.

I had already discussed it with my son but told him today that we are going through with the change. He was a little upset but is happily eating crisps now.

Do you think it is better to make the move sooner rather than later? I had thought waiting until after half term would make things easier and not so abrupt but now I just think I might be making things harder

AbbeyA Thu 25-Sep-08 19:28:01

Since you have agreed on half term I would leave it at that date, with time to get used to it. Have you had a thorough visit for the new school and discussed your concerns? Have you taken your DS?
If you make the change you are going to have to work with the school. A DS who started school with my DS changed schools in year 1, because his parents weren't happy. He went to another that was going to address all the problems, I think he did 2 or 3 years there and then changed again. He ended up in a nice small village school before going to secondary. His younger brother was at the same small school until they managed to upset the parents and then they went back to school number 1, they had gone full circle!
I am only mentioning it because you need to be very sure that the new school is going to deliver what you want before you make the change.

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