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dd2 was upset about school this morning for the first time ever

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misdee Thu 25-Sep-08 09:43:32

once/twice a week they have a different teacher in their class. yesterday was the first time he had taught year 1. dd2 was looking forward to meeting him yesterday and was very excited.

today she woke up and said 'it didnt go well with Mr B yesterday' and burst into tears sad

i had to calm her down and find out what had happened. apparently he shouted at some children who werent being good, but not at dd2, but his voice scared her and made her ears hurt (her words, not mine).

so this morning i went in with her, and had a chat with her TA just to let her know that dd2 was upset and may not be her usual self today.

i am feeling a bit down about it, as dd2 loves school and i dont want her to be scared of her teacher once/twice a week for the rest of the year.

cory Thu 25-Sep-08 09:52:47

Could you explain that some people just have these loud booming voices and it's nothing to do with being nasty; they don't realise how loud they get? Ds was terrified of his Yr3 teacher for the same reason until I went in to see him on a separate matter and was able to report back to ds that he was actually very hard of hearing so couldn't judge how his voice came across. (I could hear him down the road when he was telling children off). Once ds knew that his teacher was not being scary on purpose he relaxed and discovered what a wonderful teacher he was.

misdee Thu 25-Sep-08 10:21:22


will try that tonight.

mimsum Thu 25-Sep-08 14:25:45

ds1 was like this with his latin teacher (y6) - he found it very hard to behave during lessons and no-one could work out why

eventually he told me the latin teacher's voice was so loud he wasn't sure if he was angry or not which made him so anxious that he then had no brain power left over to behave (ds has tourette's, asperger's and adhd so has recognised difficulties in these areas) - as soon as the TA realised what the problem was she had a word with the teacher who was mortified at the thought that he was scaring small(ish) boys - he made a big effort to modify his voice and hey presto Latin's ds' favourite subject now so it might be worth having a quick chat with dd's class teacher

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