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Can they make us move schools?

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Pawslikepaddington Wed 24-Sep-08 10:19:44

Found out on Friday that we are moving house next week, into a much more financially manageable house. Didn't think one was going to be available for another two years at least, so did all my schools apps from this house, got into catchment school, and dd started in September. The school is really hard to get into, and they are eyeing me suspiciously now as even though it is only two streets away it is in catchment for a much less sought after school. I honestly didn't engineer this, it is pure chance that this house has come up (hence the grabbing it and doing a whole move in a week!). Can they make us move to the other school? There are other children that are at the school that were offered places when they weren't in catchment, even though some that were weren't offered places. Eek!

LadyMuck Wed 24-Sep-08 10:25:00

No, they shouldn't be able to do so provided you can still get to the school on time etc. Yes it might look suspicious but that desn't matter. You met the conditions at application and at admission. Otherwise the school would be penalising non-homeowners in less secure tenancies who may have to move frequently within an area.

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