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Does anyone's school have a Parents' council?

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HorseStories Tue 23-Sep-08 13:47:47

And if so, what have been your experiences of attending meetings?

We're fairly new to this area and school. I have a DD in Y1. The notification of a termly Parents' Council meeting has been sent out with an agenda. I'm trying to decide whether to go along. It is something I would like to be involved with but at present I wouldn't have much input to offer. Does that matter?

It looks like less than 10 parents attended the last meeting.

Dandi Tue 23-Sep-08 13:54:40

The new head at my dcs primary school has just started one. it seems pretty good so far - people have been constructive with any criticism and the head has changed a few things in response to what's been said. It'll need to be chaired well I think, so it doesn't turn into a general moaning session. We also do make an effort to praise the good stuff that goes on.

I'd say go, if you can - i think it's important that new people go, to stop things becoming too cliquey and to bring a fresh perspective on stuff

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