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Sane and sensible questions about teacher being off sick

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suwoo Tue 23-Sep-08 07:31:45

OK, so after yesterdays <<cough>> successful thread wink. I am going to ask the questions that I have in a constructive, possibly naive manner. If a teacher were to be off sick for a number of weeks, would we get a note home, to say 'Miss X is unfortunately off school due to personal reasons, and we do not yet have a date for her return, Mr X will coninue to teach yr2'. This isn't unreasonable for me to expect is it? Also, Miss X only taught the class for 3 days before she went off sick, so at parents evening in 2 weeks if she has come back, would Mr X also attend as he has done the majority of the work with them? Please don't flame me, these are my questions as I am still new to school politics due to only having my PFB there so far.

Pixiefish Tue 23-Sep-08 07:35:48

never heard of it happening.
if mr x is still teaching them then he'll be at the parents eve but can't see how he could be there if miss x was back. he'll have updated her on her return

Miaou Tue 23-Sep-08 07:38:59

Well -

My kids' school is very hot on communication. However things like this are not generally notified to the parents. I knew, for example, that dd2's teacher was going to be on maternity leave and that she would have a replacement teacher in the meantime; however this information came through dd2 and was mentioned in a newsletter sent out prior to our "meet the teacher" session (we have an open evening about two weeks into term).

I also knew (but only after the event) that dd1's teacher's wife has just had a baby and he is on paternity leave atm. But again, only because dd1 told me.

I think relying on children to relay this information is acceptable - at the end of the day, your children are being educated. Who is doing the educating may vary wink

Sobernow Tue 23-Sep-08 07:39:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

suwoo Tue 23-Sep-08 07:48:44

Year 2 wink

AbbeyA Tue 23-Sep-08 07:52:35

The first parent's evening is mainly a chance for parents and teacher to meet. If she is only just back the supply teacher will fill her in, but you can't expect them to do a parent's evening if they are no longer at the school. (I didn't comment on your other thread but perhaps if they really got £200 a day they might come back for it!)
A lot will depend on what is wrong with the teacher, she may not want everyone to know at this stage.She also may not know how long she is going to be off.

Sobernow Tue 23-Sep-08 07:55:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

suwoo Tue 23-Sep-08 07:57:51

No, not worryinag about them at all. Just musing and pondering really.

AbbeyA Tue 23-Sep-08 07:59:40

If you have one supply teacher covering I wouldn't worry. Problems only occur if you have several different teachers a week.

Sobernow Tue 23-Sep-08 08:01:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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