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Still no reading book by year 1?

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myermay Mon 22-Sep-08 15:39:51

Our infant school does not seem to send a reading scheme home for the children. They get to change their books each morning - but these can vary from picture books, to really difficult books.

I remember my younger sister used to get a really easy one, then slightly harder etc - i think roger red hat or something similar. Is this not how things are done much now? How are the kids meant to improve if they don't have a graded book sent home? any ideas?

myermay Mon 22-Sep-08 15:44:54

also how often should they be being heard to read during school?

LadyMuck Mon 22-Sep-08 15:57:43

I think that it is worth asking your teacher for some insight as to how your school teaches reading, and how can you best support your child.

They may well be doing scheme reading at school but just want children to like books and take ones that they enjoy.

My dcs school mix and match between a number of different schemes in the last term of reception/Year 1 and most children get sent home with a scheme book each night Mon- Thurs which they read for 10-20 minutes. They also get to choose a school library book on Friday (which could be at any level).

Madsometimes Mon 22-Sep-08 16:02:12

Most schools do use reading schemes as far as I know. My children were sent a graded reading scheme book home three to five times a week in reception to year two. When children could read fluently they went onto free reading. I don't know how often my children are listened to at school. I think it is about once a week by either a teacher or a TA.

Why don't you ask the teacher how reading is taught? I have heard of other people on MN saying their school does not send reading scheme books home, but I think it is quite unusual (Although it was normal when I was at school)

myermay Mon 22-Sep-08 16:05:43

i asked his reception teacher last year and she just said that was how they did it at that particular school. They do have oxford reading in school thought that they do during class. I think he reads 1-2 a week. I think they just want them to emjoy reading at home. I think it's wierd, don't understand how they are meant to progress at any rate?

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