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friendships for DS , 9!

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wohmum Fri 19-Sep-08 23:47:24

Hi, I had a long convo with my 9yr old ds tonight at bedtime ... he's doing fine in school but has a couple of things on his mind.. .

1) he is a slow writer and always has been but now seems keen to try to do something about it - any ideas how we can speed him up AND keep it legible?

2) he has a handful of good friends , rather than being part of the big group - but they are all sepaerte iyswim and donlt all get on with each other so he has to choose who to play with each day and then worries about upsetting the others. it's lovely that he has good friends but he's finding it hard that he has to choose!

he also said that sometimes he just wants time on his own so he goes upstairs to read and 'chill out'! (he is so ike his Dad!)

any ideas how to help ? he's already organised a rota that he plays with charlie on Tuesdays and Thursdays , which i though was quite organised of him but could take away the spontanaeity of fun.

Yingers74 Mon 22-Sep-08 22:02:13

Perhaps encourage him to take up some outside activities and make friends outside of school. I am not sure you can do anything to change his established friendships within school and if he is not unhappy, best not to interfere.

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