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How long does it take the new nursery class children to make friends?

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isittooearlytogotobed Fri 19-Sep-08 10:54:28

i know i am being a big fuss pot but my 3 year old DD has been in the school nursery for 3 weeks now and hasnt made any friends

well she does call some of them her friends but doesnt seem to know their names.

i told her to ask their names and ask them to be her friend - but she said after school yesterday that she asked 2 children to be her friend and they said no. i felt heartbroken for her

she has lots of friends outside school and had lots at her day care nursery

how long does it normally take for them to establish new friendships? sorry for sounding so pathetic!!

Boyswillbeboys Fri 19-Sep-08 11:30:17

If your DD is happy going to nursery I am sure she is making friends ok. 3 year olds don't often "introduce" themselves to others, they just join in and play. She will certainly get to know their names after a while and as she doesn't have problems making friends outside of school I wouldn't worry. Have you seen her talking with any of the others when you drop off/pick up?

I asked my DS's teacher who he played with, because he never wanted to tell me! He is quite shy about talking about himself and would always say "its a secret!".

isittooearlytogotobed Fri 19-Sep-08 11:42:44

Thanks for that, i know i am being a bit precious

yes she has been talking to other children and pointing them out saying 'shes/hes my friend' but then saying she doesnt know their names and she sat alone at lunch

if i push the conversation she says 'i dont want to talk about it'

i may invite a couple of the children round for tea party next weekend - do you think that wd be too pushy? i suggested it to DD and she seemed really excited by it

Boyswillbeboys Fri 19-Sep-08 12:48:59

I think it's a good idea, good way to get to know the other mums too. That's why I asked my DS's teacher who he played with, so that I could arrange to have them over to play.

isittooearlytogotobed Tue 23-Sep-08 12:39:47

Thanks for your replies

we have made progress - when DH dropped her off at school this morning, one of her classmates gave her a big hug!

i am so chuffed

i am also going to invite 3 of her friends over with their mums one saturday

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