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panicking already

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Greatfun Thu 18-Sep-08 21:56:59

I am being a bit premature with this as DD doesnt start school until 2010 but I am really stressing and want to know if anyone has had a similar experience. We are on the borders of 3 boroughs with schools ranging from excellent to being on special measures. Due to the rules about distance from home I am pretty sure we wont get into any of our favoured schools. We are on average 1KM from each of the 4 schools I have in mind and each of them have not admitted anyone much more than 500m from each school for the last few years. I spoke to the local council the other day and they said we would therefore be offered a place wherever there was space. I am guessing that would be the least popular schools either in rough areas or with poor results/reports. We are not really in a positon to move at the moment so thats out of the question. Have any of you ended up having to send your kids to a less than ideal school and how did it work out?

Elibean Thu 18-Sep-08 22:17:12

My eldest just started in a school with good results, but in a poorer/rougher area than the other local state primaries. dd's pre-school teachers all looked embarrassed when I said dd might be going there, their faces sort of froze. Its not the nearest to us, but the others are oversubscribed - we knew this would happen.

Thankfully, we went to see it and actually loved the atmosphere, the head, and the ethos of this place - rough area or not - and very nearly put it first over the shiny wonderful nearer place. In the event, we put it second - but as we thought, thats where she was placed.

Anyway....second week in Reception, and dd couldn't be happier. She's brimming with excitement and confidence already.

Go and see the schools when you can, and judge for yourself what you think of them - never mind reputations or reports, see whether the kids look happy and interested in their work, whether the teachers enjoy teaching there, and whether you feel happy when you walk around them.

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