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What school year would my children be in? Anyone know any good schools in Petersfield?

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Sara333 Thu 18-Sep-08 15:05:26

I am a little confused about the school years in England as we currently live in Spain and are thinking of moving back in a few months. Was wondering if anyone could help? Does it depend on the school?
My dd is 4, will be 5 in February, so does that mean she should be in Year 1 Primary? (here she´s in reception as it goes by calendar year). My ds is 6, nearly 7, will be 7 in November so does that mean he should be in Year 2 or Year 3 at the moment? (here he´s in year 3 but among the youngest in his year group).
Anybody know of any good primary schools in the Petersfield area? Preferably state ones as I don´t think we can afford to go private (especially as we have another one on the way!)
Thank you to anybody who can help. Sara

castille Thu 18-Sep-08 15:06:48

No your DD would be in Reception.
DS would be in Year 2.

Sara333 Thu 18-Sep-08 15:21:38

Thanks for that. Not sure how it would work for ds who´s did Year 2 last year (they are currently at a British school following British curriculum) although I guess it´d probably give him a confidence boost as he´d no longer be one of the youngest in his year.

Bramshott Thu 18-Sep-08 15:30:19

Castille is right - Reception and Yr 2

Petersfield infants is pretty good I think, as are many of the village schools around there - several friends kids go to Langrish, Steep or Sheet.

Check here for info on applying for a place in the middle of the year.

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