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Is it unusual for a school to do no after school activities

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crazedupmom Wed 17-Sep-08 22:41:04

My ds has just started junior school in another area and when I enrolled him at this school I presumed that they would offer some after school activites, but after 3 weeks and no sign of anything starting up I have asked a few of the other parents whose children have been going since the infants and they tell me that the school has never done anything despite in the past parents recieving letters about possible up and coming activites which never came off.
I am quite surprised at this, my ds did loads at his infants school, gardening, football, ICT, you name it and he enjoyed them all.
Is this unusual for a school I thought most of them offered this now.
I am

crazedupmom Wed 17-Sep-08 23:00:02


daffodill6 Wed 17-Sep-08 23:19:21

DD's previous primary/juniorschool was v poor at after school activities. Lots of questionnaires asking what parents thought but no action.

I didn't realise how poor they were until I moved DD (for a variety of reasons) to another school. my conclusion was that there are still some schools resting on above average academic laurels whilst failing at everything else.

Pawslikepaddington Wed 17-Sep-08 23:21:44

We don't have any at our school-is fairly common here not to I think.

StellaDallas Thu 18-Sep-08 00:26:07

They offer 20 seperate afterschool activities at our school. All free and run by teachers/TAs and the odd parent on a voluntary basis.

gingernutlover Thu 18-Sep-08 08:03:10

with the exception of sports clubs, all clubs at our school are run by teachers in their spare time and sometimes parents

it is not in a teachers contract that they have to do this, and schools cannot force them to either. It is done on a goodwill basis, we have an arrangement where we do clubs one half term then attend meetings the other half term and so on, on a rota basis so there is always somthing provided.

would imagine if they are not providing clubs it is because the staff are not willing to give up their precious spare time - possibly a sign of low morale??????? or possibly managment are that badly organised that people are willing but things never get off the ground.

I would think ofsted will be less than impressed about this as they could provide paid for clubs such as football etc without having to involve staff too much.

renaldo Thu 18-Sep-08 08:08:25

our scoll offers 10 after scholl axctivities - football judo cooking orchestra etc - its a large state school
they buy in some eg football and its usually about £2 per session

webchick Fri 19-Sep-08 14:32:34

StellaDallas - what activites are offered and for what age groups? Which ones are the most popular? TIA!

LadyGlencoraPalliser Mon 22-Sep-08 10:41:58

Off the top of my head, KS1 can do Art, Cookery, Construction, Choir, French, Recorder, Gym
KS2 get to do all the above plus KNex, Latin, Sewing, Basketball, Netball, Science, International, Wildlife and probably a couple more I can't remember. Oh yes, Dance, Karaoke, Orchestra, Yearbook are a few more.

LadyGlencoraPalliser Mon 22-Sep-08 10:43:07

Sorry, that was me, formerly known as StellaDallas. Just remembered two more, Dodgeball and Kwikcricket.

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