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class reps...what exactly do we do??

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dipsymummy Wed 17-Sep-08 13:56:18

my son's just started at reception and I've volunteered to be a class rep.Feel I may have taken on more than I can handle now-work part of the week and have a little one.
Please reassure me someone-and tell me I'll be fine.....
from any experienced reps-what exactly do we do? I know what the leaflet says-but is it that straightforward?

Seeline Wed 17-Sep-08 14:35:02

I think it would vary from school to school. At ours you are responsible for organising the class contact list and the rotas for manning class stalls at christmas/summer fetes. Also organise Christmas and end of year pressies for teachers and TAs. If others are keen to join in also organise social events for parents, coffee mornings, evenings out etc. If new kids start, it's nicce to help mums meet other mums and give low down on how school operates etc.

StellaDallas Wed 17-Sep-08 14:44:46

Sorry to crash your thread, but we are thinking of starting a class rep system at our school, not having had one before. I would be really interested to know what it says on your leaflet, dipsymummy.

SlartyBartFast Wed 17-Sep-08 14:45:59

ring up people when it snows and the school is closed, that has all mine has done. i think you are meant to approach parents asking for fund raising ideas or help

AtheneNoctua Wed 17-Sep-08 18:34:48

I think your job is to delegate these things and get the rest of the parents in the class to chip in and not have to do it all your selves. In realoty some people aren't great at delegating and it gets a bit overwhelming. The key to successful class repping is DELEGATION.

I was a class rep for DD's reception class last year.

It is also very helpful if you can get 3 or 4 class reps to share the work.

stitch Wed 17-Sep-08 18:37:29

also, organise cards, and pressies for any moms having babies. or teachers having babies
cofee mornings, christmas and end of year evening meals out. contact pyramid. christmas fayre and summer fayre stalls. swimming rotas. naggin people to get their crbs's o they can do the swimming rotas. etc etc

LIZS Wed 17-Sep-08 18:41:14

Ours :-
organise class coffee mornings, evenings out and occasional social event in holidays
arrange collections for Christmas and end of year gifts for staff
do rota for helping with reading in years 1 and 2
maintain telephone tree for emergencies and contact list to help playdates/parties
befriend any newcomers
organise stall and cover for fetes and fund raisers
attend occasional meetings with School staff to raise class issues
go on school trips or organise parents to do so

dipsymummy Wed 17-Sep-08 23:20:55

Thanks all!!!!! Feel so much more informed about it now. i guess once the ball's rolling I'll be delegating bigtime!!
StellaDallas-will let you know once I find the the leaflet!!

Elibean Thu 18-Sep-08 10:00:32

Am in same position as StellaDallas - no reps atm, some of us interested in starting up system, haven't a clue!

Will watch thread for tips, thanks for those already there...

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