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Anyone made a Story Sack?

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Chozzer Wed 17-Sep-08 12:47:23

D twins have started in reception class children's parents have been asked to make a story sack (book with toys, objects that relate to story)
Anyone made one, looks like thay are @£30-70 to buy on net! Can't sew and not crafty!

snowleopard Wed 17-Sep-08 12:54:10


Our nursery has these and they would be very easy to make, do not spend £30!

The sack is a very, very simple square bag about 18 inches each side. If you can't sew at all, cut off an old pillowcase to make a square. Then ours just have a long ribbon tied around the top and attached to the bag at one point. You might have to do a bit of sewing to hem the bag and sew on the ribbon but anyone could do this - if you really can't do it ask a friend - would take 10 mins max.

Inside put
1 fiction book
1 non-fiction book
1 cuddly toy
1 "activity" toy eg card game, action figure
1 small notebook in for parents to write comments in
1 small card listing what's in the sack

- on a theme, eg space, tigers, football or whatever. You could use old books/toys you already have and lok for a theme you can get out of them.

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