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It seems that I may well have shown the school secretary to be a bit of a fibber...

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oops Mon 15-Sep-08 20:56:25

Message withdrawn

geraldinetheluckygoat Mon 15-Sep-08 20:58:09

Maybe it depends on how drastic it was, how much of a big issue. I just want to know what happened, of course!

CatMandu Mon 15-Sep-08 20:59:22

Oh dear, in my experience they are far worse than Dr's receptionist. I'm actually scared of ours (there are 2) and feel pathetically happy when they call me by my first name.

oops Mon 15-Sep-08 21:41:47

Message withdrawn

Feenie Mon 15-Sep-08 21:50:24

If he anything like our head, then the secretary will have asked him and he will have instantly forgotten. So she often looks like she is lying, when really it's the head being a f*kwit!

oops Mon 15-Sep-08 22:21:56

Message withdrawn

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