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5 year old - easily led

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debs40 Sat 13-Sep-08 19:06:57


I posted a few days ago about playfighting.

I had a chat with my son's teacher yesterday and she was really helpful. I think they're going to have a sterner approach to all 'battle' games in the playground and watch my son closely with the boy who always seems to be involved in hitting.

However, I still worry about this. My son has been told off before for confusing real and play fighting but mostly for retaliating when hit. Yesterday when we talking about it all, he confessed that this other boy had told him to hit another child in the face and that he did it.

This really upset me. He knew it was wrong and was very distressed about it. He said it made him feel rubbish but he couldn't explain why he did it.

He seems so easily led and I'm sure it's a maturity issue. I'm not prepared to blame others as it's a matter of his own self-control . Other chidren manage not to gte into these situations. Is there anything I can do apart from encourage him to be honest and set very clear boundaries (which I do - I never have any problem with his behaviour at home)?

I wondered whether anyone had any other ideas, particularly any teachers out there.

It really gets me down!!



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