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help need clothes labels , were's quick and easy for iron on fabric ones and shoe,bag stickers?

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melsy Sat 13-Sep-08 10:06:02

There's soooo many sites , I dont know which ones are reliable and the labels are good?

I also wanted some clear ones for bottles and sippy cups and books?

It would be brill if they were next day too.

Was sooo organised getting all her uniform right at the beginning of the hols and now Ive forgotten a really big part!

dingdong05 Sat 13-Sep-08 11:24:46

My local m&s does clothes name tags. Maybe try them for the immediate crisis!

melsy Sat 13-Sep-08 18:29:44

oohh ,just looked at the web site.Thanx for that , might go and check in the morning if my local one (Enfield) does that in-store.

DrZeus Sun 14-Sep-08 22:57:40

easy2name are good. 10% off through mumsnet. Got all my labels from there. Took about 5 days to arrive. Got shoe bags and book tags too.

melsy Sun 14-Sep-08 23:00:29

Thanks for that DrZues, I was not surprised to find the machine had broken today in my m&s hmm!!!!

Ive biro'd everything for now , rubbish I know , but at least its something for now

SquiffyHock Sun 14-Sep-08 23:02:44

I get the iron-on ones from GLTC - they are great.

tortoise Sun 14-Sep-08 23:11:35

I would 2nd easy2name. I got them for DD2. They are staying on well so far.

christywhisty Mon 15-Sep-08 08:03:37

Also get yourself a label writer like dynmo letratag You can get water proof labels

And use these clothes labels name Tagits

They are really quick to use

christywhisty Mon 15-Sep-08 08:20:07

letratag do clear labels from rymans

swedishmum Mon 15-Sep-08 10:08:55

Easy2name were very quick, especially for stick on labels. I bought the clear labels to go over sticky labels in shoes.

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