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*Help * with preference section for primary school application form,09/10 don't want zoned school !

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okeycokey Fri 12-Sep-08 20:22:49

Hi first time, apologies if long winded. Got application for primary school today, zoned school is a no go -staff sickness, bullying etc. Would prefer local catholic school but not catholics. Any tips for what to put in preference section of application form? Currently my child is in the pre-school of this catholic school but this doesn't hold any clout. I was thinking of asking my childs child minder (who only picks up for that school), along with the teachers from the pre-school to write letters to suport our application to the catholic school.

clam Fri 12-Sep-08 20:26:50

On what grounds?

okeycokey Fri 12-Sep-08 20:49:00

Sorry for being silly can you clarify "on what grounds"? (blush)

LadyMuck Fri 12-Sep-08 20:55:09

Whereabouts do you live (county say?)

I'm not sure that letters of support have much to do with school applications unless they give evidence as to why you might be in a higher category of priority in the event that the school is oversubscribed. So you need to lok at the oversubscription criteria for the schools you are looking at. If they can take 30 children and only 29 apply then you're fine. If 31 apply, how do they choose? Usually they look at Special needs, children in care, children with siblings and in the case of church schools some sort of church attendance. I have never seen a school where the opinion of a childminder has influenced the admissions. A letter of support from your vicar might help if you are a non-Catholic church goer.

Do you have a list of the oversubscription criteria for the Catholic school?

okeycokey Sat 13-Sep-08 10:58:27

In my locality Wirral, if you choose the zoned school you will get a place. But unfortunately the zoned schol is not for me due to alot of staff sickness, bullying, board of govenors resigning as they feel they cannot support school no longer, plus four children left before completing reception year.Just in the last year!

It's crazy but the zoned school is not even the closest school to our house.A difference of approx half a mile.

When I have spoken to LEA the say if you don't put zoned school in your top three choices it's a lottery and you could end up anywhere (and a very good chance that they would not be any of your choosen three). In the locality one school was over subscribed by a hundred and the others by twenty!

So I thought if I wrote a letter in the preference section explaining whyI want a catholic school (the family values and ethos) and why I don't want the zoned school I may increase chance of getting into the school I Choose, along with letter from child minder and pre-school teacher. At the very least if i go to appeal i've got some back up.

This is the crunch the school i would like is catholic we're not and we are non-church goers.

over subscription is similar to everywhere else:
Child in care, then Sibling,Distance from school, other faith.

Any advice or tips?hmm

wheresthehamster Sat 13-Sep-08 11:17:18

tbh it doesn't sound like you stand a chance sad

Do what you feel you have to, obviously you can't lose by having back-up letters, but resign yourself to the fact you probably won't get in and would have no chance at an appeal.

Put your three preferences and keep your fingers crossed!!

If you don't get one of your preferences would you get the zoned school if it is not over-subscribed? The other schools in your LEA, are there some other horrors you wouldn't want? It's all about working out the odds. I feel for you.

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