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Does your KS2 child get an afternoon break?

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nettie Fri 12-Sep-08 15:47:15

At my DS's school the KS2 pupils have lunchtime from 12.30 - 1.30 then they have no break until they leave at 3.25. Just wanted to know if this was the norm, as I think this is a long time to be sat in a classroom, with no break.

mankyscotslass Fri 12-Sep-08 15:51:04

They do this at our school too. They say that have no time in the curriculum for everything otherwise. sad

haggisaggis Fri 12-Sep-08 15:58:56

My school has no afternoon break at all - the children go back into school after lunch at 1p.m. and school finishes at 3p.m.
It does not seem to be a problem for them. They don't get an hour for lunch either! (think it's 45 mins but not sure.)

Buda Fri 12-Sep-08 16:00:39

Yes - mine has a break. Not sure how long.

AbbeyA Fri 12-Sep-08 16:13:38

Very normal in the juniors. They used to finish much later in the days that they had an afternoon break.

LynetteScavo Fri 12-Sep-08 16:17:08

No afternoon break here, but they finish at 3.10.

Laast years teacher did let them out for a quick run around to burn off energy, though.

RandomIdiot Fri 12-Sep-08 16:18:07

Normal for Juniors.

Only reception have an afternoon break at our school.

clam Fri 12-Sep-08 16:39:22

They're unikely to be sat still for two hours solid without a change of activity/focus. Remember, the teacher has to survive this length of time too!

nettie Fri 12-Sep-08 17:20:05

Thanks for the replys. Prior to the move to a new school building they did have an afternoon break. They haven't changed the finishing time, but KS1 and KS 2 now share a playground, whereas before they had there own, wonder if this is something to do with the change. Know they are not sat still for all this time, most afternoons they have assembly at some point, last thing most days, cue lots of children nearly asleep grin

MrsWeasley Fri 12-Sep-08 17:22:24

lunch is 11.45 - 12.45 then no break until end of day 3.15.

Although our new year 3's are getting a break if its not raining etc.

Clary Sun 14-Sep-08 00:07:31

No afternoon break is the norm in a lot of schools.

Our Infant school (ie all KS!) has afternoon break and I recall new head saying that this was quite unuasual and she is an infant specialist.

The juniors (separate school) don't have a pm break. They do 10 mins more than the infants too.

cat64 Sun 14-Sep-08 00:23:27

Message withdrawn

bellavita Sun 14-Sep-08 00:30:42

No afternoon break here either. They start at 8.50am and finish at 3.35pm.

Reallytired Sun 14-Sep-08 09:22:21

My poor year 2 child gets no afternoon break and I think its disgusting. He did get an afternoon break last year.

It seems sad as at this age they learn so much more through play.

I want the welsh curriculum

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