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Is my friendly child going to become the joke of the playground?

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goblinvalley Thu 11-Sep-08 16:59:13

I'm not quite sure how i feel about thisw, whether to be worried or just let him ride it out.

My ds (only child) is 5 and a bit and is a lovely happy tactile child just gone into yr 1. He is very happy at school and seems well liked by both staff and the other children. What's the problem i hear you ask ?

Well, he loves the older girls and younger girls and staff, and tells me that he spends his lunch time hugging the older girls (his girlfriends) and doing his 'monkey' dance for them - which is encouraged shock

Today, he tells me that the older boys (10ish) are tying to 'force' him into kissing the older girls, who tell him to run away and then the older boys chase him and repeat above.

Now, i have seen him in the playground at the end of the day with some of these girls and they do seem fond of him, but i am wondering if this is turning him into a bit of joke in the playground. I have asked him if he feels they are being mean to him, but he says no.

Do i intervene or leave him to discover himself that they may be having a laugh at his expense sad

Any thoughts?

jooseyfruit Thu 11-Sep-08 17:02:57

my kids are older (year 4 and 6) and they love playing with the younger kids and feel really protective towards them, i wouldn't worry too much. have a word with dinner ladies if you are concerned.

ellideb Thu 11-Sep-08 17:07:32

I would be a bit concerned as the older boys can get a bit aggresive and know more 'sexual' behaviour so encouraging your child into situations he is too young to understand. he will think they are just being friendly and accepting him but it sounds as though they are taking advantage of his nature abd he could get hurt. Because of the nature of their game I would ask the teachers to keep an eye on him.

TeaTime Thu 25-Sep-08 10:28:45

Dear Goblinvalley,
How did this situation work out? I'm interested because my son has similar behaviour (6 and a half) and may not be aware of older children teasing him. He has started to announce that one of the girls in his class is 'his girlfriend' which I'm sure is not his own idea... He's happy about it (I THINK she is too, not sure though..) but it sounds like a label other children have given them because they play together. I worry about this kind of teasing as the last thing you want is your confident, friendly boy becoming wary and distrustful...

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