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I've just met DD's new year 3 teacher, blimey, rather scary!

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sandyballs Thu 11-Sep-08 13:44:40

Not just scary, but rude IMO. DD went back to school last Friday, two days late as we only returned from holiday on the Thursday night. This was cleared with the head last term.

She's been there 4 days and still doesn't have a new reading book, contact book or homework file. DD kept saying no-one in the class has these things but after checking with some other mums I realised they did, and her twin in the other class also did (she got hers last Friday on her first day).

So I decided to pop into the class this morning to have a little chat with the teacher. DD was horrified, said I had to make an appointment and I couldn't just wander, but it seemed too trivial to make an appointment about.

I knocked on the door and she raised an eyebrow at me, didn't say come in or anything, so I did. I told her who I was, then explained about the lack of books etc, and she rolled her eyes, didn't say a word. So I mumbled something about hoping to see it all sometime this week as DD is quite keen to get on with it all again, and she rolled her eyes yet again and I left hmm.
I just wonder if she's got a problem with DD starting late.

I can't help but compare her to last year's lovely, warm, funny teacher. I think that class are in for a bit of a shock. The atmosphere was really subdued and tense. As I walked out the building I passed my other DD's class and it seemed so different.

sandyballs Thu 11-Sep-08 13:46:16

Meant to add that DD has been climbing into our bed in the middle of the night since going back to school and she hasn't done this for years.

MaloryDontDiveItsShallow Thu 11-Sep-08 13:47:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

compo Thu 11-Sep-08 13:49:12

wait and see if said books hae turned up by the end of the week
if not make an appointment to see her
is there a coordinator for yr 3? if so express concerns to them, and tll them about dd coming into your bed at night sad

sandyballs Fri 12-Sep-08 10:44:24

She came home with the books last night. Told me she hated her new teacher. I told her it was early days, she barley knows her and it would get better. She got into our bed again at 4am.

juuule Fri 12-Sep-08 10:59:54

Had the class started when you went in?

I wouldn't have entered a class that had already begun. Couldn't you catch the teacher after school?

Ime y3 is different again from y2 and starts to get a bit more formal. Our y3 is in the junior dept of the school so maybe it's a bit different. In the infant dept it's easier to speak with the class teacher as they usually come out to take the class in.
In the junior dept it's more usual to make an appt. or see them as they bring the children out at night.

paranoid2 Fri 12-Sep-08 11:43:55

She sounds completely obnoxious. I have twin Ds's also in yr3 and they are not changing their books very much atm either. We were told at the parents evening last night that the children have to take more responsibility this year for their books and belongings. Expecting DT2 to do this is a waste of time . The only possession he is willing to take responsibility for is his lunch box!!

I wouldnt care whether the class started or not. Theres no need to be that rude.

juuule Fri 12-Sep-08 12:11:59

I think it's rude to interrupt a class that's already started.

TheInvisibleManDidIt Fri 12-Sep-08 12:26:42

Does your dc's school just let you in to wander around during school hours?

Unless an appointment has been made (and these always take place at the end of the school day) we can't go beyond reception.

Even if we have to pick dc up during school day for an appointment or sickness, they go to class and bring dc to reception.

She does sound quite rude though. If she didn't want you to come into class room she could have atleast come to the door to talk to you outside the room.

chopchopbusybusy Fri 12-Sep-08 12:37:31

She does sound a bit rude, but I think you should have made an appointment. At DDs school the teachers firmly remind us that if we want to speak to them, we should only do so after school. Anything urgent that you need to tell them in the morning needs to be put in a note and handed in at the reception.

kittybrown Fri 12-Sep-08 12:40:33

I very much doubt anyone would be let in to talk to a teacher once lessons have started.

It's perfectly resonable in our school through all key stages to pop in to speak to a teacher in the morning to have a quick word. Anything longer or more concerning you can see them at the end of the day.

Lazarou Fri 12-Sep-08 12:45:12

She didn't say a word?! Not even 'can you come back later' or 'can you make an appointment' etc.
That's really weird, someone just rolling their eyes at you when you are talking to them! LOL

Lazarou Fri 12-Sep-08 12:46:34

If problems continue, you will have to make an appointment and go and ask her what her problem is. In a grown up, mature way obviously.....

paranoid2 Fri 12-Sep-08 13:52:50

Well it might be rude to interrupt if a class has started (and we dont know if thats the case) but 2 wrongs dont make a right and there is no need for her to just roll her eyes and say nothing. In our school its ok to have a quick word in the morning or afternoon about something like what the OP has described. Anything that took longer than a minute to talk about I would make an appt

critterjitter Fri 12-Sep-08 15:58:55

Are there any other Year 3 classes? (IYSWIM!)

sandyballs Fri 12-Sep-08 21:37:02

Thanks for replies. The class hadn't really started when i popped in, it was literally just as DD walked in, before registration, so I don't think i was interrupting any lessons.

I agree it could be annoying to have every parent popping in as and when but i felt it was too trivial to make an appointment for.

i just think she was very rude. If she felt it was an inappropriate time, then tell me, no problem, i'd come back.

Paranoid2 - interesting about that 'taking much more responsibility' thing. One of my twins is great at all that, but this one is very vague, so I did wonder if she had been given the books but lost them. Their school has been pushing the responsibility thing in year 3 and I do think it's a bit young to expect so much from them. Some of them were only 7 a few weeks ago sad.

RustyBear Fri 12-Sep-08 22:04:10

I think the teacher could have been more polite, but the start of the school day is usually the worst time to see a teacher - if it's before the children have come in they are usually finishing their preparation or briefing the TA, and if the children have started to come in their attention is, and should be, all on the children - there are always children wanting to ask questions, tell the teacher something or who have lost something.

In the junior school I work at, if a parent wants a word with a teacher they have to come to the office and one of the staff there will get the teacher to fix up a time - it's usually after school, though in fact all our teachers come out into the playground at home time, so it's usually possible to have a quick word then.

paranoid2 Sat 13-Sep-08 11:52:08

Yes my Ds's fall into the just turned 7 category. DT1 is good at being organised but Dt2 is so not. Suddenly they have so much more stuff to take in and out and are expected to look after it all. I cant keep track of it not to mind them being responsible for it. Fewer notes are coming home too as the children are expected to tell their parents things and again with Dt2 I am fighting a losing battle. Last week Dt2 seemed to be the only one who hadnt brought in his PE kit as the timetable for the year had not been distributed before the first PE lesson . Sometimes I wish I had kept them in the same class!!

angrypixie Sat 13-Sep-08 15:56:10

I would have been irritated by you coming in with the children and trying to have a chat at the beginning of the day when I am settling my class, but I hope I would have hidden it better than that!

Niecie Sat 13-Sep-08 16:51:04

She sounds rude to me as well. I wouldn't have been pleased - she could at least have said something, even if it was could you come back later?

However, in DS1's school you can only see the teacher in the morning in an emergency. Everything else waits until after school, including getting a reading book. No need for appointments unless you need a long chat.

Mind you that is the same as the infants where they used to have a TA at the door making notes if you wanted to tell the teacher anything relating to that day. No going beyond the door.

We know what is expected of us though. We are told when the children start the schools so on the whole people don't try to go in the mornings.

We are well trained.wink

bluebellwood Thu 18-Sep-08 19:37:46

You chose the wrong time to speak to her - however, not responding to you was downright rude and a bit strange.

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