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for parents of reluctant boy readers in Reception/Year 1

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florenceuk Thu 11-Sep-08 10:34:08

DS has just started Year 2. Last night he was able to read the first chapter of Flat Stanley to me reasonably fluently with only a few queries (e.g what's "despite" mean?)!

In Reception I despaired as to whether he would ever get it, while his (female) cousin at that age had been reading Harry Potter...

sdr Thu 11-Sep-08 12:25:40

They all go at their own speeds and most catch up to about the same level by the end of Year 2 (wise words from very experienced Reception teacher). My DD and DS both needed extra help (due to a speech problem). DD is now 14, ahead of her reading age and very good at English. DS has just started Y3. He finished Y2 exactly average - were so proud. Sounds like he's doing really well.

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