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How do your school help settle children in that start mid term?

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McDreamy Thu 11-Sep-08 08:00:52

Just been to a fantastic meeting about mobility, moving, transition, change and how it can affect children when moving from school to school, country to country.

Our school here is really geared up to settling in new arrivals as we have a very transient population but we are at the other end, we are leaving the school not arriving.

Just wondered how schools in the UK help children settle into school when they start at times other than September. I have the chance to visit 2 schools that have a place for DD and this will be one of my questions but what sort of things can I expect them to say?

AbbeyA Thu 11-Sep-08 08:17:37

Generally they give another child or a couple of children the job of looking after the new arrival, particularly at playtimes and lunch times. They pick children who are likely to do the job properly and who seem potential friends. They usually find their feet fairly quickly.
I should ask the school about the turnover of children, if it is an area of change then they are more used to settling children. I should ask them if they have a playground friend or buddy scheme, a lot do these days and it is very helpful. If a DC is feeling lonely at playtimes they can go to a bench or similar and an older child will sort them into a game.

McDreamy Thu 11-Sep-08 09:51:54

Thank you, I will ask if they do a buddy system at her new school. I don't think she will be going to the very nearest school (they can't make their mind up whether or not they have a space for her). The next nearest school does have a space, has a very good ofsted report, so far have been very efficient, friendly, inviting etc but has a less transient community. I am sure they will have a policy/plan in place for new children like DD.

AbbeyA Thu 11-Sep-08 10:44:55

Check the ofsted and see what it says about pastoral care.

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