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Introducing French to Primary age children, how would you do it?

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unconvinced Wed 10-Sep-08 11:11:58

Hi all, I looking for tips and ideas on how to get a group of 7 year olds interested in learning French?

Colours - are colouring in sheets boring.

What games would appeal

I like the idea of music, but I don't know that I will be able to

Any other ideas/tips would be most welcome.


MutantSpaceGoat Wed 10-Sep-08 11:16:34

french picture books, comics etc. clips of french children speaking. i spy type games.

n5rje Wed 10-Sep-08 11:20:31

At my DSs school the teacher does the morning carpet time in French - they answer the register in French, they say what sort of lunch they are having (they can change from day to day) which I think is good as they are learning in a situation that is relevant to them and I'm sure could be extended to other parts of the school day, depending on how good your French is of course.

unconvinced Wed 10-Sep-08 11:29:33

some good ideas, keep em coming

unconvinced Wed 10-Sep-08 11:29:36

some good ideas, keep em coming

newpup Wed 10-Sep-08 12:09:03

I agree, my DDs have the register taken in french twice a week and also are asked how they are and have learnt a variety of answers from ' fine thank you' to ' I feel sick today'!!

They learnt to count and the colours from rhymes. How about french bingo.

They also had to write a shopping list in french and they set up a french market in the classroom.

Hope that helps. ( Also had a french day, when they looked at the geographics and culture of france as well as the language)

unconvinced Wed 10-Sep-08 13:17:35

Bingo in French, what a great idea. These are children I have never met before and although they have been exposed to French I dont know their level, bingo would be a great way to find out. I could start with numbers less than 10.

Any more, you are being a big help, I was a bit stumped!

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