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How do I help DS to enjoy literacy, or what makes a good literacy lesson? (Yr 4)

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lljkk Tue 09-Sep-08 17:39:36

DS loves to read and spell. He is above average for age at those things and at writing, too.
But he moans and moans about how he hates literacy... is it inevitable? Do all boys hate literacy lessons at age 8-10yo? What can I do to help, or how do I approach his teacher about it?

Today he was in a group that was supposed to come up with sound effects for drama, and he found that dull, too!

aSlurOnBrilliantScientists Wed 10-Sep-08 01:43:41

Are you sure that he finds it dull?

I mean that what he says to you may, may, not be a reflection of his enjoyment in school.

If he's bright, he should be able to make great things from drama, it may not be aproblem with the school it may be just lost in translation to you.

However, it is worth finding out the format of literacy lessons if you like.

What exactly doesn't he like? the spelling/grammar focus? the group work? the individual work? The topic?

I may be that he doesn't like the group of children he has to work with rather than the work.

Gently probe him smile

wehaveallbeenthere Wed 10-Sep-08 02:04:28

I tutored in college. I had several young men that were brought to me to encourage literacy.
I know this may not sound like the right approach to you (it didn't to several of their parents) but try to keep an open mind.
Encourage your child to read what interests him. Several of my students read comic books. Eventually they move on to other subjects and just the love of reading has them seeking out other references.
My daughter used to hate to read we took out a subscription to National Geographic magazine (not her first choice) and asked her to read at least one article from every magazine. When the subscription ended she begged to have it renewed. She also begs to go to the library and book stores.
Drama is a favorite subject of mine also. Perhaps you could have him look over his favorite movie (in scriptform) and discuss it with him?

cory Wed 10-Sep-08 08:32:34

If he loves reading and writing I wouldn't worry at all if he finds literacy lessons dull. Just make sure you stimulate his reading at home; as long as he is getting pleasure out of reading in his own time, a few dull lessons at school won't put him off.

I would be brutal and tell him that we all have to do boring things at times and he just needs to do his best anyway.

And aSlur speaks good sense; he may just be spouting conventional whingeing, or he may not like the setting.

lljkk Wed 10-Sep-08 10:56:33

Thanks for replies.
I am asking him to try to do his best even if he doesn't like the lessons (he's sort of responsive).
He started complaining 2/3rds way thru Yr3, I hoped a new teacher/setting would sort it out -- but not so.
I don't know how it could be/should be done better, that's why I asked about what makes a good lesson, thought maybe I could compare that to what DS does (someone with DC in private schools could maybe comment??)

DS says that "everybody" in his class hates literacy -- I know school have ditched national literacy strategy.

I'm with you on the comic books, whabt! I'm all for them if they are what's needed to keep a child enthused . I asked DS what if he drew a comic about our pets, but we're both stumped for good gags so idea didn't go anywhere. But that's not what he's supposed to do for class, anyway.

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